Opening a Yoga Studio in Taupo has been one of my life dreams.  A place of light and space where we can help people move with ease and find a little quietness and strength in their busy lives.


Hi I'm Anandi,  I began practicing Yoga in India in 1993 and have been sharing and teaching since 1995.  I moved to Taupo, New Zealand in 2005 and have been teaching yoga here since then.  With the support and the help from friends and students I opened the Yoga Tree studio, in the heart of Taupo town centre in March 2011.

My yoga journey began in Pune, India.  I completed a 3 year study and Teacher Training with Senior Iyengar teacher Maggie Hughes.  I then taught in Candolim, Goa in India for 3 years from 1997.  At this time I learned Reiki and Thai Massage.  I learnt to teach with the wall ropes at this time, a great tool created by Mr Iyengar to help people with their alignment and support.  Over the next few years as I travelled, I studied and taught yoga in India, Thailand, Spain and the UK.  

In 2008 I completed a 220 hour Teacher Training with John and Lucy Scott in Nelson, NZ and became affiliated with the Yoga Alliance. I then continued to study with Jude Hynes at the Auckland Yoga Academy.  I completed  my training for Pregnant women here and have continued to train in pregnancy yoga since 2009.

More recently, during the last 5 years I continue to study and train frequently with Suzi Carson from Four Winds Yoga in Ponsonby, Auckland and also Rosie Holland from Nelson, NZ.  I am so very grateful for these extraordinary ladies.  For their teachings, patience and comittment to sharing and guiding me and all of us in Taupo I feel deeply fortunate and blessed.

Taupo Yoga is a way of life, I feel very proud to be a part of our Taupo Yoga community.   It is a priviege to share the benefits and gifts from this life giving practice with others.  It really is never too late to begin your yoga journey....  We look forward to seeing you soon.  Om Shanti, Anandi


Hi, my name is Brigid Drysdale and I come from Rotorua.

 I began yoga when my daughter was born while we were living in England 19 years ago.  As a young mum in a foreign country I found it hard to get out and join classes, so I bought my first yoga book and have carried on since then becoming more and more committed to my practice as the years have gone by. 

Four years ago I began an alignment based yoga teacher training course and I look forward to sharing yoga with you. We all come to yoga for different reasons and from different paths.  Some come for the body, some come for the mind.  It doesn't matter where we start from, it only matters that we have made that first step on our way... Hope to see you soon in class. Brigid.


Kia ora and Namaste

As the new owner of The Yoga Tree Taupo I am very excited to continue the great work that Brigid and Anandi have done. The Yoga Tree is "my happy place" and I am passionate about sharing it with all of you.

I wish to take The Yoga Tree forward and help it to grow and flourish with lots of new offerings for everyone in our community.

Yoga has changed my life and I believe made me a better person, it has healed so many things, both physical and emotional, I wish to share that experience with other people. I practice kindness and empathy in all aspects of my life now, and especially in my teaching of yoga.

Balance your life.....

Mauri Ora


As a Group Fitness Instructor and qualified Personal Trainer for the past 10 years, I’ve put my body through its paces and ‘being the wrong side of fifty, injuries, aches and pains began to keep me from regularly doing what I love most – being active.

It was after a running injury when being told by a knee specialist that I shouldn’t run anymore (osteoarthritis in both knees), I went in search of something that I could do until I was back up and walking pain free.

It may sound dramatic, but Yin Yoga has given me back what I thought was lost forever. Wanting to help others strive for a better quality of life, both physically and emotionally, I signed up and completed my 200hr Yin Yoga Teacher Training course in Auckland and Melbourne during 2018 and am affiliated to Yoga Alliance®

I found Yin Yoga which gave me space in my joints that allowed me to run again – not with the same intensity or regularity, but I’d take a steady run once or twice a week, pain free any day!


The possibility of a hip replacement catapulted me into trying yoga 10 years ago.The practice certainly challenged me, however with persistence and growing understanding I began to realise the benefits.The damaged hip could hold me better, the aches and pains we associate with aging, lessened, I was developing clarity and peace of min

As my practice grew and developed, I was keen to share the benefits with others and so my Hatha Yoga teaching career began under the mentorship of gifted conscientious senior teachers in Taupo, Auckland and Hawkes Bay.It is a constant delight to see the awakening of Yoga Awareness in new students of all ages and from all walks of life. Those who enjoy disciplines such as teamsports, cycling, running, triathlon etc  find that yoga brings an added dimension to what they love to do.  I especially enjoy bringing the understanding of physical, mental and emotional balance to an older body.Ten years later I still have my own hip – strong and resilient. I have a body that allows me to live life to the full with my family and wider community.

 And - I have the privilege of being part of the caring and compassionate Yoga Tree Taupo community.


Hi my names Amanda, or you can call me Mandy, I’m originally from the South Island but have been in beautiful Taupo now for 12yrs.I am the new apprentice here at the Yoga Tree, over the next few years I will be working on my practise and becoming qualified through yoga teacher training under the wings of our amazing senior teachers.

I am beyond excited for this new path and opportunity with the Yoga Tree.I began my yoga journey about 7yrs ago when I was pregnant with my first child.  I went to pregnancy and “baby&me” postnatal yoga classes through both my children and pregnancy yoga was my saviour and I am certain it was yoga that helped prepare my body, and mind for what was to come.It has been the most transformative journey for me, I have grown so much during this time, I have overcome fears, I have become stronger, calmer and more balanced.Mentally & physically yoga has become a way of life that I just can’t do without!

Over the years I have dabbled in different yoga styles, studios and teachers.. And most recently have been teaching Les Mills Bodybalance fitness classes at the local gym for just over a year.And is why I have been chosen to lead the new flow classes at the Yoga Tree..I have the energy, creativity and flow and can lead you clearly whilst moving along with you to get you moving and warm.Looking forward to seeing all the new faces and of course getting to know the regulars too!I am excited to share my experience and learn with you.

Om shanti



Kia Ora - I am Mela the most recent addition to the team of Yoga tree teachers.I started practising yoga 2003 here in Taupō, after having moved to NZ from Germany 1999. I remember clearly how blown away I was realising how this practise taught me so much about myself and mind through the eye of the aligned and extended body.

While following my passions from being active in the beautiful outdoors of NZ and involvement in community projects to my creative jobs and family - I have always been drawn back to the mat. Yoga has been the glue, balance and healing force for me and I am excited to be part of the Yoga Tree team.